About Us

Since 2001 Jesilis has been opened as a sewing contracting company. From the beginning we have been a family based company helping when we are needed.  We have worked through our struggles as a family relying on one another and using every one of our family’s greatest qualities. Now we can say that we have all done our best to keep going.


We are now are focusing on creating a line of swimwear .A line that we want you to enjoy and for that to be possible we  know that we need to focus on our quality. Whether it be the material, the form, or the sewing which we will be supervising in our sewing shop. To make sure that what you get makes you  feel comfortable whenever you use it.
I can tell you that if he has taught me one thing it is that we must always provide good quality in every piece of clothing that we make.  To keep people wanting to buy the products we provide, this is one of the principles needed to keep customers content and happy! Thank you for entering our website.


Jesilis Company